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Mind If I Interrupt?

Are you happy with where you are in life? Do you strive for more? Or perhaps you’ve become a little complacent in abandoning the life you had always dreamed of in favor of something safer, more stable, perhaps. This is a sign you’re in need of a little interruption...and that’s where I come in!


The action of interrupting is usually associated with negative connotations. No one likes to be interrupted! But what if that changed? My mission is to rebrand the perceived definition of an interruption into something positive. Call me a Positive Interrupter!


Being a Positive Interrupter means I step into your life to help you remember your passions, identify your strengths, and help you live the life you deserve. We all deserve to be happy with our day-to-day life. If you find you haven’t quite found that yet, I can get you there. I absolutely love the work I do with my audiences to help them fall in love with life again. 


Feel free to learn more about me and what I offer by clicking any of the links below. I look forward to interrupting you!

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Meet Jane

Entrepreneur, author, 

coach and motivational speaker

Jane resides in a suburb of Atlanta, GA. She enjoys traveling, music, sports, reading, photography and staying fit. She is also a worship leader and soloist. She has written for several periodicals and was a contributing writer to Interpersonal Relationship Skills for Ministry  textbook for NOBTS.  Jane is also a contributing author to the Amazon Best Seller, Overcoming Mediocrity: Remarkable Women and has published her first solo book, The Bread Box, Life By The Slice. 

"Strive for consistent excellence, not perfection."  

- Jane Bishop


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"Your consultation was a catalyst in my awakening and a boost to my confidence. Your information was priceless and I will forever be grateful to you for taking the time to speak into my life."

- Natalie W. Baker, Actor and Speaker

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“When you’re busy doing the work, who has time for building the team? Jane Bishop, with her assessment tools, insightful questions, and patient approach helped us take the time -- and made it worth it. She accelerated our team trust by helping us get intentional about our communication. Our team is better and stronger as a result of her coaching and facilitation. Thank you, Ms. Bishop!”


 - Marcus Thorne, Program Manager RECAST Lawrenceville

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"In a relatively short amount of time, you have created a high degree of trust with me, my CFO and Director of Operations. The insights and vision you bring are incredible. I look forward to achieving our desired outcomes."

- Ace Marshall, President/CEO The Fudgery


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I enjoy connecting. Request your free coaching conversation and enjoy the positive interruption.

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