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My Course

Are you interested in learning how to better connect with those around you - in every area of your life? Then check out my new online course “Uplevel Your Connection Factor.” In this course, you’ll be learning five essential skills that coaches use to connect with their clients and help them succeed. 


Why do these skills matter to you? Because they’re applicable in all areas of your life - business, work, personal, you name it. By working your way through the five modules provided in the course, you’ll refine your connection factor so that you can continue to make an impact and make a difference in other people’s lives.

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My Book

The Bread Box is a guide for readers to create a mindset for “living life by the slice.” Author Jane Bishop shares personal narratives as slices of inspiration for living a vibrant and purposeful life. Readers are invited to create their own slice of life with fun activities after each personal story. Each person has the capacity to store life experiences (i.e. "the bread box") that can be used as energy for living4ward.


Here is one reader's experience: "Thank you for throwing me this lifeline because the bread in my bread box was getting stale! I read it from cover to cover…everywhere. On the beach with my paper and pen drawing and writing my QUIET acronym. My head and heart are clear!" - Kim S.

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You are invited to order your personal copy and have your own bread box experience!


Empowered Coaches Summit 2022 Session

Earlier this year, I had the privilege of speaking at the Empowered Coaches Leadership Summit where I led a talk called "Eye Discipline - Five Best Practices for Self Leadership". Check it out!

Stay tuned for upcoming workshops and events from Jane!

Jane's Jottings

Read Jane's latest thoughts and expertise at her blog HERE.

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